Diy Disco System 1

DIY iPod System 1 is  perfect for budget concious smaller Parties, Discos, Weddings where you need to cove the dance floor with tunes, add extras like lighting or wireless mic - Optional extras

Very simple setup by connecting your iPod/iPad, Laptop or media player via the 3.5mm mini jack we give you and you'll be ready to go in 15 mins.

Whats Included 

  • 2 x Yamaha DXR12 Speakers

  • 2 x Speaker Tripod Stands

  • 1 x  iPod/laptop Connecting Cable

  • 2 x colour changing uplighter

  • Power Cables

Cost Per Day

£100 Per Day + Delivery

Contact us for availability


Contact Address:

Balance Pro Audio

15 Sandylands Road 




Email: diydisco

Tel: 01539 735017